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There are few things more iconic than vinyl records, we're not talking cardboard sleeves, we're talking vinyl, labels & picture discs!

It's often said that simplicity is the essence of good design, this is certainly the case with the Spindyl. As vinyl junkies who've been collecting records for over 30 years we've acquired some beautiful pieces. Every now and then, we'll frame some up and hang them around our homes and studios. The covers look cool, but once framed they almost lose their core 'vinyl' aesthetic.

When we explored options for hanging the actual discs we encountered issues such as damage to the b-side or difficulty in removing them. We checked the available fixings and while there were some hooks or stickies, nothing quite offered the elegant solution we were looking for.

So we thought, this can't be so difficult, lets make one ourselves. After some trial and error the Spindyl was born!

Spindyl solves the problem simply, it's a floating mount for displaying vinyl records on a wall that's based on the one thing that all records fit, the humble turntable spindle.

After a few test models we settled on a rubber Spindyl with a slightly larger tip, so that when it's pushed through a records centre hole, it locks the vinyl in place, it can't fall off the wall, but you can still turn the disc so that the artwork is just how you want it. Due to the flexibility of the rubber, it is easily popped off for replacement or cleaning. The back of the Spindyl has a high strength adhesive tape that's capable of holding an item 10 times the weight of a 180gm slice of vinyl. Simply peel off the tape and stick it to the wall!

Pull out those beautiful picture discs, rare 45's and give them a Spindyl!

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