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Phil Ashcroft – Solar System Parameters (Book)


I’m designing Phil Ashcroft’s forthcoming book for Gamma Proforma, quite an honour as i’ve long appreciated his work. Pre-orders are available now, these early orders will be signed by Phil. Definitely worth snapping up!

Futurism 2.0 Book


Finally in my hands, the Futurism 2.0 book! This was a labour of love, there are a few left over at Gamma.

Futurism 2.0 Exhibition (London)


So it’s on, the site is live the walls are hung… Gamma Proforma’s – Futurism 2.0 opens tonight!

Futurism 2.0 Featured on


Graffuturism have a preview post on the upcoming Futurism 2.0 Exhibition!

Futurism 2.0 Website


What’s a grand scheme without an equally grand website? It’s up, and there’s a lot to read! F2.0 Website

Gamma Pro Tee’s


Tee update over at Gamma, all limited editions… around 100 of each design. Snap one up!

Methodblack – Black/Blue/Green


New Methodblack release, Black/Blue/Green which features Cara Robinson on vocals is a chilly excursion but it features a hotter b-side, ‘Seventy Three’. I was quite pleased with the artwork for this too…

Methodblack Special Edition


Methodblack – MB (Special Edition). Edition of 100 hand made CD-Vinyl album packs, released by Gamma.