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REWIRE – ART X AUDIO (Group Exhibition + Album/Book)


For 60+ years art has adorned the sleeves of records, a visual expression of what’s inside.
We’re about to Rewire this relationship.

GP2011 Exhibition Video @ XOYO (London)


Alongside my good friends Elph & Lyken i had a pop up exhibition at XOYO in London recently. Here’s a short vid on the affair via Gamma… Click

Methodblack – Serpent’s Kiss (Tiny Casino Remix)


Rich Hayes of Tiny Casino Remixed my Serpent’s Kiss track, i really love this mix…
Completely turned the track on it’s head.

Don’t Panic – Rob Swain DJ Mix


DJ Mix i put together for Don’t Panic. Features some classic hip-hop, electro and jazz…

Methodblack – Black/Blue/Green


New Methodblack release, Black/Blue/Green which features Cara Robinson on vocals is a chilly excursion but it features a hotter b-side, ‘Seventy Three’. I was quite pleased with the artwork for this too…

Methodblack Special Edition


Methodblack – MB (Special Edition). Edition of 100 hand made CD-Vinyl album packs, released by Gamma.

Fresco – The Lost Tapes


Back in the day (the early 90’s) i started a record label with no money and some borrowed gear… the output was naive but there were moments of charm. The best bits are on ‘Fresco – The Lost Tapes’

Like Minded Souls (Feat. Cara) – Seventy Three


One of my tracks with Cara, Seventy Three was picked up by LTJ Bukem for his Cookin EP 10. Released under the alt ego ‘Like Minded Souls’.

Methodblack / Methodblack


The first release on the newly founded Gamma Proforma label is my audio travelogue, Methodblack.
A selection of moody beat-scapes created on my MPC2000XL whilst living in Melbourne, Belfast & Edinburgh.

Baby Al – Beatz One


Here, wanna listen to something really mental… I love these tracks, created on a four track in 1996 with my mate Al Stockdale on drums, Dave Kane on Bass and Cara Robinson on flute. All done live, no samples or software…