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REWIRE – ART X AUDIO (Group Exhibition + Album/Book)


For 60+ years art has adorned the sleeves of records, a visual expression of what’s inside.
We’re about to Rewire this relationship.

Neo Collective Feature


The people at the Neo Collective liked some of my work, which was nice…

GP2011 Exhibition Video @ XOYO (London)


Alongside my good friends Elph & Lyken i had a pop up exhibition at XOYO in London recently. Here’s a short vid on the affair via Gamma… Click

Methodblack – Serpent’s Kiss (Tiny Casino Remix)


Rich Hayes of Tiny Casino Remixed my Serpent’s Kiss track, i really love this mix…
Completely turned the track on it’s head.

Methodblack – Black/Blue/Green


New Methodblack release, Black/Blue/Green which features Cara Robinson on vocals is a chilly excursion but it features a hotter b-side, ‘Seventy Three’. I was quite pleased with the artwork for this too…

Methodblack Special Edition


Methodblack – MB (Special Edition). Edition of 100 hand made CD-Vinyl album packs, released by Gamma.

Like Minded Souls (Feat. Cara) – Seventy Three


One of my tracks with Cara, Seventy Three was picked up by LTJ Bukem for his Cookin EP 10. Released under the alt ego ‘Like Minded Souls’.

Methodblack / Methodblack


The first release on the newly founded Gamma Proforma label is my audio travelogue, Methodblack.
A selection of moody beat-scapes created on my MPC2000XL whilst living in Melbourne, Belfast & Edinburgh.